you're beautiful to me

On the days I can't see your eyes
I don't even want to open mine
On the days I can't see your smile
Well I'd rather sit and wait the while
For the days I know you'll be near
'Cause a day without you just isn't fair
See the days I can hear your voice
I'm left without a choice

Plus I get weak in the knees
Fall head over heels baby
And every other cheesy cliche
Yes I'm swept off my feet
Oh my heart skips a beat
But there's really only one thing to say:

God Damn you're beautiful
To me, you're everything,
Yeah that's beautiful, yes to me.

I can't find the words to explain
Just how much you got me going insane
When you speak to me sometimes we'll fight
Oh, I stutter my words and say nevermind
'Cause even when you just walk by
Well I look around to seem occupied
'Cause I'm trying so hard to hide
Yeah, all of these feelings inside ♥


Postat av: Sebastian

Tack för de fina orden! Självklart ses vi på tisdag, ser du mig så högg tag i mig bara :) Ha det bäst!

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